Who We Are

 We are a non-profit, service organization dedicated to raising the public's awareness of our Troop's, Veterans, 1st Responder's needs and the needs of their families; we work to raise the funds necessary to further our goals of meeting these needs while coordinating our programs to include our local community to ensure that all are aware of the importance of this task.  We strive to educate the local community of the needs of those we serve, promote patriotism, show respect and offer our gratitude to those who are still serving in the US military, our veterans, our Fallen and their families.

It is our goal to ensure that our service members, our 1st Responders, our veterans and those who are under-served in our community know they have not been forgotten.  

Please follow all OPSEC (Operations Security) measures by refraining from posting personal information such as home addresses, Troop movements, names or ranks of military members, APO or FPO addresses or any other items that may be considered Classified Information.  If you are unsure, then please do not post the information.

Find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/lodestarguides/  and give us a "like", this page is where we share events and resources important to our military, veterans and their families.  Feel free to also visit and "like" our sister page at: www.facebook.com/AllCountyBlueStarFamilies/ where we list employment opportunities and more.


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