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Monthly Veteran Support

Sorting items for East Bay Stand Down 2014 that was held in Pleasanton, CA.  Over $2,300 was given for our veterans to help them feel appreciated.  Here you see fleece blankets, some of the clothing items such as socks, t-shirts and more.

We were blessed with donations that filled this vehicle from the front seat to the back door! Toothpaste, food, hats, towels, blankets, and more!

 Lodestar Guides are excited to continue this program to raise funds and accept donations towards helping our veterans by collecting sweat pants, sweat shirts, undergarments, socks, flip flops, knit caps, sneakers, for our male and female veterans.  This is a year-long, ongoing project.  If your company would like to host a collection barrel please let us know.

This is just one of the programs that we have been able to assist as Blue Star Families for over 6 years (previously as Alameda County Blue Star Moms and now as Lodestar).  We also collect items for our local military families and referred community members (i.e., seniors, local women's shelters) who are in need;  but we need YOUR help too. 

 Without our local community members such as yourself, we would not be able to assist those in need.  While there are numerous organizations vying for your hard earned dollar, we are asking for one can of food, one new blanket, one package of socks to help those who have served in our US Military, who have protected our freedoms and our way of life and their families who have struggled to make ends meet while their loved ones were deployed and serving.


Please ensure that donations of canned food items and other food items are not past their expiration date. If items are expired, please do not donate them to us, we will be unable to accept them.

Our veterans and military families have been through so much, they deserve to have the best.

Many items listed below are available at local Dollar Tree stores. Just $10 will feed a veteran for several days!

Items we are looking for:

Food items for the pantry:

Bread       Soup      Canned Beans      Dry beans      Rice      Peanut Butter     

Sugar Free cookies     

Regular Cookies      Juice      Bottled Water      Powdered Milk      Canned Meats 

All types of  Non-perishable food items  

Spices  Cooking Oil     Crackers   Peanut Butter   Jelly   Coffee    Spaghetti Sauce 

   Pasta (all types)       Vegetables

Personal Care Items:

Soap (bar & liquid)      Toothbrushes      Toothpaste      Denture cleaner     

Alcohol free Mouthwash     

Dental Floss        Toilet Paper     Deoderant       Shampoo     Conditioner 

Body Wash     Hair Brushes   Combs


Sweatshirts-all sizes and colors    Footwear (boots/sneakers/slippers)    

Socks (cotton and wool/any color)     

Sweatpants-all sizes & colors      Underwear both boxers and briefs in all sizes     

Knit caps/baseball caps

Ladies undergarments in all colors & sizes    Pants for men & women     

Blouses all sizes and styles       T-shirts all sizes   Polo Shirts all sizes    

Misc items:

 Blankets (any size)    Bedding essentials all types   DVDs     Boxes of matches   Mattress covers (plastic) 

Diapers in all sizes for children and adults  Baby formula   

List will be updated as needs progress.  This program applies to all veterans, regardless of when they have served.

If your organization/company would like to host a donation barrel please email [email protected]

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