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We are so pleased you are here.

In 2015, toys donated to Operation Homefront via local Dollar Tree Stores were picked up by Lodestar-ACBSF and distributed to military depentents (children)  in the Contra Costa County area.  Additionally, we were able to distribute to the MEDCOM out of Vallejo, as well as being able to coordinate those from Ft. Hunter Liggett to pick up and distribute to their families as well as families at Camp Parks.  This effort has been ongoing for a number of years via our organization and when we were ACBSM.  It has always been a blessing to have been able to help so many!  Not only were we able to help children in Alameda County, we also assisted children in East Contra Costa County as well, branching out and expanding our reach to serve more of our veterans and their families while also assisting our active duty, reserve and national guard families and service members.

I would like to thank all who have helped us this year, without your continued support we would not be able to do as much as we have, your support is truly a blessing.

If you haven't signed up to be notified of upcoming events please do so, and become part of our Lodestar family.  An email notification will be sent to announce upcoming events, any needs of Veterans of military families, 1st Responders and more. This is a great way to keep abreast of all that we do and require to help others in our community.  Since you are a part of our community please let us know if you would like to volunteer to assist at events.  

We have been collecting items for our women veterans and have been able to distribute to a number of them through efforts coordinated with us by members of a local military unit. Thank you to local churches and businesses who have coordinated the donation drives in Fremont and Newark.

We would like to reassure you that our programs and mission are as strong as ever.  We are no longer working with the organization in Antioch as we found that our efforts through the local organization we were assisting and working with were not being directed towards a true military/veteran nonprofit support mission aligned with our ideals; therefore we have redirected back to, and advanced upon, our path to remain true to our own original Mission of support, education, providing resources and friendship to those who have served our great Nation and continue to serve.

Please be sure that any organization you donate to is actually a nonprofit in good standing, do your research and donate to a nonprofit that is actually doing what they state they are doing.  As always, upon donating to Lodestar-All County Blue Star Families you will receive a donation receipt and a thank you for your tax records.  You can rest assured that your donation will be put to good use for our veterans and military families, first responders, their dependents, our Fallen Heroes families and local community members in need.

We continue the tradition that began years ago, as a nonprofit organization working hard Helping Those Who Help US & still Honoring Those Who Serve, Yesterday, Today, Always!

Yours in Service

Julie M. Ramirez


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