Your generous tax deductible donation enables Lodestar to continue the successful programs that assist our service members, veterans, their families and more.  Please make your check payable to Lodestar and mail to us at: P.O. Box 2006, Fremont, CA 94536-0006. 


Please help us to help those who have served and continue to serve!

Visit our Liberty Canteen page to find out how you can help!



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We have been supporting our wounded warriors since our humble beginnings as a local chapter of the BSMofA in 2009 and continue to do so now as Lodestar through various programs such as assisting with the Sea to Shining Sea cross country bike ride by providing our warriors with a fantastic breakfast.   Their road to recovery begins overseas when they are taken from the battlefield to the nearest military hospital.  Your donation of one or more items from the list below is sent overseas to Landstuhl Medical Center and placed in the Chaplains Closet to allow our service men and women the opportunity to have the comfort of select items.  We also provide them with items at the local VA in Palo Alto, to their Chaplains Closet program, as our wounded from all over the US are transitioned to the medical centers that specialize in their recovery needs.

Please help us to help our Troops with your monetary donation or actual items.  Monetary donations are always accepted and appreciated to assist with the shipping costs to our Military Hospital in Germany. You can donate via our website (see the home page) or send your tax deductible donation to Lodestar, PO Box 2006, Fremont, CA 94536-0006.  You will receive a thank you card and a confirmation of your donation for your tax records along with our FEIN.


Immediate Needs:

The Chaplains Closet an entity within LRMC Pastoral Services that cares for the humanitarian needs of wounded and ill Service Members evacuated from the theaters of operation. The Chaplains Closet provides items of comfort to "fill holes" until the service members personal items can catch up with them in the military healthcare system.

The Chaplains Closet services more than 300 service members each month. Since the Chaplains Closet is a non-funded humanitarian entity within the Department of Defense, we rely on the generous donations of fellow Americans and others, both substantive and monetary, to provide these items. We truly appreciate the efforts of each and every person willing to share "hugs from home" and words of encouragement with those who have given so much for the cause of Freedom in our world! Below is a list of items Service Members typically request and take from the Chaplains Closet. This list will be updated periodically.

Ongoing Needs: June 2014 Top 15

Men's/Women's shorts-all sizes

Women's Underwear - size 5
Women's Sports Bra- NO UNDERWIRE XS to L 32, 34, 36, 38
Women's Shirts -Small & Medium
Women's Sleep Attire-S, M, L, XL
Men's Ankle Socks, white - Size 6-12
Men's Solid Color Socks-Size 6-12
Shower Shoes - Men's Size 13
Laundry Detergent (Travel Size or Detergent Pods Preferred)
Travel Healthy Snacks (i.e., nuts, cereals, berry mixes)
Travel Size Toiletries (i.e., toothbrushes, toothpaste, deoderants in mini sizes)

DO NOT send used items 

DO NOT send used items they will not be accepted

This list will be updated periodically. Updated 06 03 2014


SPONSOR A CARE PACKAGE COLLECTION DATE: We have barrels designed specifically for this program that are waiting for you.  Please contact us to learn how you can do this, email [email protected] for information.

 We do not accept alcohol, or any literature other then paperback books or magazines of general nature we cannot accept or send religious pamphlets, bibles, explicit or parental advisory labeled cd's, paraphenalia as this is not a part of our mission.  We also do not accept any type of pornography.   Thank you!

Our list is below but you can click here and download one! care pkg list.pdf


 CANNED ITEMS             

  • canned fruit/meat                  soups              veggies             spaghetti sauce       SPAM       
  • tuna in water (or tuna in pouches)


  • beef jerky/beef sticks, summer sausage
  • cheese spreads/small velveeta cheese blocks
  • dry cereal
  • chex mix
  • chips
  • cookies
  • crackers
  • dried fruit
  • energy bars/cereal bars/high protein bars/granola bars
  • fruit pies
  • gum/hard candy (no chocolate)
  • snack cakes (think HoHo's, cupcakes)
  • JIffy pop popcorn


  • instant coffee (packets are best)
  • instant tea
  • creamer in packets
  • sugar in packets or cubes
  • hot chocolate
  • instant breakfasts (Carnation instant breakfasts)
  • cappuccino


  • crystal light
  • kool-aid
  • gatorade
  • juice boxes
  • propel (any type of water/workout drink)


  • sugar-free, menthol cough drops/cold relief drops               deodorant
  • antacids/pepto bismol/Immodium                                        disposable hand/feet warmers
  • antibiotic cream                                                               dusting cloths
  • anti-bacterial wipes                                                          eye drops (Visine)
  • baby oil                                                                          eyeglass repair kit (mini screwdrivers)
  • baby powder                                                                   facial soap (liquid/bar/cream)
  • baby wipes                                                                      foot powder/boot powder
  • bath mat (small size)                                                         insect repellant (non-aerosol)
  • bath/hand/wash towels (dark colors)                                 liquid laundry soap/fabric softeners
  • body wash/soap                                                              air fresheners (solid/non-aerosol)
  • blankets (new only)                                                         body lotion/hand lotion
  • chapstick                                                                       mattress covers (twin size)
  • clothes lines/pins                                                            mirrors (small size)
  • contact lens cleaner                                                        mouthwash (alcohol free)
  • cotton balls                                                                    nasal spray/drops
  • dental floss                                                                    sewing kits
  • thread (green/brown/tan/white)                                      sewing needles
  • pillow & pillow case                                                         tissues (personal packs)
  • pocket 1st aid kit                                                            Big League gum                                
  • shampoo                                                                        Q-tips
  • pumice stones                                                                sunscreen
  • toilet paper                                                                   toothpaste/tooth brushes
  • tooth brush holders                                                        tooth picks
  • vitamins (unopened)                                                       panty liners/feminine hygeine products
  • razors                                                                           brush/combs
  • hair bands/clips (that lay flat)                                         shaving cream/gel (non-aerosol)
  • clear nail polish                                                             nail polish remover (non-acetone)


  • balls (golf balls/baseballs/tennis balls)
  • bubbles
  • batteries (all sizes)
  • beanie babies (new only)
  • board games
  • playing cards
  • cd player with CDs/batteries
  • disposable cameras
  • dart board/darts
  • DVDs
  • hand held electronic games/batteries
  • Mag flashlight bulbs
  • envelopes/pens/pencils/note paper/pads 
  • magazines (Mens Health/Readers Digest/Car & Driver, etc)
  • mini hand-held fans/misters/spray bottles
  • puzzles/crossword puzzles/word search
  • sewing kits
  • water guns
  • you-yos
  • zip lock bags of all sizes
  • sealing containers (think tupperware)


  •  NEW ONLY hats/baseball caps/wool knit caps (black)
  • bandanas
  • t-shirts (tan/green) all sizes NEW ONLY      
  •   womens sports bras all sizes
  • womens undergarmets (sizes S-L)
  • socks (tan/white) all sizes for adults
  • shoe inserts (gel inserts-Dr. Scholls)
  • phone cards
  • iTunes Cards
  • iPod Shuffles
  • pillow cases/sheets (white) twin size

ITEMS FOR MILITARY CANINES (new items only will be accepted in original packaging)

  • rawhide bones         boots/doggles       anti-itch shampoo        brushes(grooming tools)
  • treats                     cooling blankets    opthamalic eye drops/ointment
  • tennis balls              pet wipes             large rope toys           K9 toothpaste/brushes
  • chew treats             collapsible/portable dog bowls               cooling vests/mats/collars

How You Can Help

As we are a non-profit (501[c]3) service organization we are always appreciative of your donation in any amount. Donations may be sent to: Lodestar, P.O. Box 2006, Fremont, CA 94536-0006.  


THINK GREEN!! We recycle electronic products to raise funds for our Troop support projects

We recycle ink cartridges, cell phones, PDAs, inkjet cartridges, iPods, laptops, video games & consoles and digital cameras! Please send to us at: Lodestar, PO Box 2006, Fremont, CA 94536-0006 OR follow this link to print your free shipping labels; enroll as a recycler; and for a complete list of items that are accepted for recycling.  

 Monetary donations should be mailed to Lodestar - ACBSF, PO Box 2006, Fremont, CA 94536-0006.  Please be sure your name and address are made available so that we may send you a receipt once the donation is received.  Thank you for your support!

Helping to Support Our Troops


This continuous fundraiser helps us to support our programs for our Troops, Veterans, 1st Responders, their families and also those who are under-served in our community.  If you have a loved one serving, are the employer of a military service member, then you are eligible to post a blue star banner.  http://www.lodestarguides.org/garden banner order form.pdf 

Lodestar - ACBSF collects items for Care Packages, Wounded Warrior  Project Packages, and for our local VA Hospitals.  Items that will help remind our Warriors that we think of them often, appreciate their service to our Country and try to ease their journey once they have completed their mission.  You can send items or donations to us at: Lodestar, P.O. Box 2006, Fremont, CA 94536-0006 and we will ensure that they reach our Soldiers.  Letters and cards can also be sent to the above address.

Please contact us for in-kind donation pick up.  We accept only new, unused, unopened items.


Looking for other ways to support and honor U.S. military service members and veterans who protect our security and freedom?

Below are links to programs that offer aid to our military -- everything from care packages to emergency services to military family support. Show your pride in our armed forces today, either by purchasing a gift or card for a servicemember, or donating to programs that support our military.

Cards, Letters, Gifts, and Care Packages

The following charitable organizations help send gifts, cards, and care packages to our troops:

Help with Mailing Packages
Instructions on Sending Mail to Servicemembers - Straight from the U.S. Postal Service, instructions and recommendations on sending individual mail to servicemembers.

Health Care, Hospice, and Recovery Organizations

The following charitable organizations offer programs that provide comfort and support to our wounded veterans and their families:

American Red Cross Armed Forces - Offers medical services to active duty, veterans, reservists and families nationwide.
Angels of Mercy / No Soldier Left in Need - Donate clothes to wounded soldiers returning stateside, or donate to long-term rehabilitation programs
Armed Services Blood Program - Donate blood that will be sent to areas of need around the world.
Blinded Veterans Association - Volunteer and scholarship organization provides care and support for blind veterans and their families.
CAUSE: Comfort for America's Uniformed Services Elite
- Provides comfort items for troops recuperating in military hospitals and rehabilitation centers from wounds and injuries.
Fisher House - Support families whose loved ones are being treated at military and VA hospitals.
VA Voluntary Service - Volunteer to help care for wounded veterans.
The Walter Reed Society - Walter Reed Society helps provide for the needs of many returning injured servicemembers and their families.
USO - Donations to the USO pay for hospital support for recuperating soldiers, USO entertainment tours and other important services.

Transition, Scholarships and Vocation Rehabilitation

These organizations provide transitions services, scholarships and vocational programs to help servicemembers and their families re-integrate in to the civilian life with the following programs. 
The Freedom Alliance - Organizes donations and contributions for our servicemembers, and also awards scholarships.
Operation One Family - Helps provide life skills, education and continuing support for the families of our fallen military heroes.
Operation Purple - National Military Family Association (NMFA) volunteer program provides educational camps for military children.
Sacred Heart Lodge - Provides a cost free hassle free vacation to those Soldier's who are returning from War to reconnect to their Families.
Soldiers' Angels - Support group aids wounded Soldiers with transitional backpacks, personal visits, and phone calls, etc., and also sends thanks via letters and email to the U.S. military and its allies.

Counseling and Other Relief and Support Organizations

The following organizations provide a wide range of services and support for our troops and wounded veterans including counseling, financial support, housing, emergency services and more:

Air Force Aid Society - Official support and relief organization for Air Force servicemembers, veterans, and families.
American Legion - Organizes blood donation, volunteer networks, purchase flags of support, and more.
The Armed Forces Foundation - Provides support and education help to our troops.
Armed Forces Relief Trust - Combination of the major military relief societies takes donations to help servicemembers.
Armed Services YMCA - Provides educational, recreational, social and religious support to the military.
Army Emergency Relief - Official support and relief organization for Army servicemembers, veterans, and families.
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance - Major support and relief organization for Coast Guard servicemembers, veterans, and families.
Enduring Freedom K.I.A. Fund - Gives financial aid to families of servicemembers killed in action.
Fallen Patriot Fund - Accepts donations to send to families of those who fell in combat.
Freedom Calls Foundation - Contribute to videoconferencing facilities that put servicemembers in touch with their families.
Freedom Fund - Send letters of thanks to the troops, or donate to funds that support deploying servicemembers.
Global War on Terrorism Veterans In Need - Provides support programs for returning disabled servicemembers.
The Home Front Cares - Provides support for the Pikes Peak Region's military families of all services by distributing funds, goods and services to needy families.
Homes for Our Troops - Assists injured veterans and their families by building new or adapting existing homes for handicapped accessibility.
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund - Fund provides unrestricted grants to the families of military personnel who have given their lives in the current operations in defense of our country.
Military Pets Foster Project - Nationwide network of foster homes cares for the pets of deployed personnel.
Navy/Marine Relief Society - Official support and relief organization for Navy servicemembers, veterans, and families.
Operation Child Care - Provides child care services for the families of Reserve and National Guard members.
Operation Hero Miles - Donate your unused frequent flyer files to servicemembers.
Sacred Heart Lodge - Provides a cost free hassle free vacation to those Soldier's who are returning from War to reconnect to their Families.
Special Operations Warrior Foundation - Provides college scholarship grants, financial aid and educational counseling to the children of Special Operations personnel killed in an operational mission or training accident.
The Survivors of Servicemembers SOS Fund - Provides funds to families who have lost a loved one in Iraq.
The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) - Provides services and support for survivors of late servicemembers.
Unmet Needs - Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) program donates money to help with military families' financial necessities.
Veterans and Families - Sacramento, California-based organization is building support services for returning veterans.
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Features a full range of veteran services and advocacy programs.
Wounded Warriors Fund - Donates everything from phone cards to TVs to wounded soldiers.
Yellow Ribbon America - Show your support with a yellow ribbon.

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