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While many of us may be married, there are those who suffer the stress of being a single parent of a deployed military child.  Also, we are the in-laws to many who have one or both of the parents of our grandchildren deployed.  How do you cope?  What helps you to get through the day?  Please join us either here in the forum or at our meetings for assistance and suggestions on how to deal with the ups and downs of having a loved one deployed.


As always, comments must be completed without profanity, while keeping in mind that all of us are in the same situation at this time.  Keep in mind that locations of those deployed should never be shared on-line through discussions and always follow OPSEC (Operations Security) when posting.  Please do not use rank, full names or other identifying information, we are still at war and even the smallest, most innocent, and to us seemingly insignificant item can cause much damage to our loved ones.


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Yours in Service


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I just want to say that I am in awe of those of you that have a child or children that are deployed overseas.  I work with someone whose son is on his 2nd tour in Afghanistan, and did a tour in Iraq before that.  I watch her handle herself with grace and poise everyday.  My son has just enlisted, and has only been gone to bootcamp for a week, and I am a wreck.  I hope to learn from you experienced parents out there, how to get through every day.  I will continue to pray for every service person out there, and their families.

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